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Editorial Services

Story/manuscript/proposal editing — I enjoy collaborating with creative people on their manuscripts, book proposals, documentary film scripts, and other writing projects, whether they need help with structural development or line editing or the entire thing. As a consultant and as an editor for The New York Times Magazine, I've helped many experienced authors as well as many previously unpublished writers shape their work for publication or presentation. If your project falls into any of these categories then I may be especially interested: memoir/autobiography, visual arts and culture, history, literary fiction, science, tennis.


Ghostwriting — You may also prevail upon me to craft your material or write your story on your behalf. I’ve ghostwritten essays, opinion pieces, and speeches for many public figures on subjects ranging from digital media to democracy to culture and education. At the Times, I published hundreds of first-person stories and oral histories from dozens of countries; in each case nothing was more important than the sound of the narrator's voice. The best ghostwriting allows readers to hear and understand that voice as clearly as possible. 

Institutional — For organizations and companies needing to communicate with their constituencies, I've written and prepared educational texts, exhibition materials, development pieces, public statements, policy papers, and other items. Over the years, my clients have included American Express, American Museum of Natural History, Children's Museum of Manhattan, Disney-ABC Television Group, Markle Foundation, MTV Networks, Museum of the Moving Image, NBC, Viacom. 


Let me hear from you through this form and we can discuss the possibility of working together. Many thanks. 

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