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Bicycles Locked to Poles

This soft-bound volume  from  McSweeney's Books contains 90 color photographs, a graphical identification guide and a quote from Marvin Minsky's The Society of Mind. An exhibition of these photographs was on view at Jen Bekman Gallery in New York.

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"Oddly haunting photo-book."
— New York Magazine [Highbrow/Brilliant quadrant!]

"Strangely haunting pictures."
— The Boston Globe

"At once a nod to Marcel Duchamp's deconstructed Bicycle Wheel and a testament to the risks of city living."
— ReadyMade Magazine

"Page after page, the carnage worsens … but Glassie has a sense of humour about documenting the disabled bikes in his neighbourhood." 
— National Post (Canada)

"Like some kind of post-industrial John James Audubon."
— Baltimore City Paper
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