This soft-bound volume from McSweeney's Books contains 90 color photographs, a graphical identification guide and a quote from Marvin Minsky's The Society of Mind. An exhibition of these photographs was on view May 11 to June 11, 2005 at Jen Bekman Gallery in New York.

bicycles locked to poles

"Oddly haunting photo-book."
New York Magazine

"Strangely haunting pictures."
The Boston Globe

"At once a nod to Marcel Duchamp's deconstructed Bicycle Wheel and a testament to the risks of city living."
ReadyMade Magazine

"Page after page, the carnage worsens but Glassie has a sense of humour about documenting the disabled bikes in his neighbourhood."
National Post (Canada)

"Like some kind of post-industrial John James Audubon."
Baltimore City Paper