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John Glassie is the author of A Man of Misconceptions (Riverhead, 2012), a non-fiction book about a great and strange 17th-century polymath named Athanasius Kircher. A New York Times Book Review "Editor's Choice," it was called one of the best books of 2012 by Atlantic Wire and Scientific American.

A contributing editor for The New York Times Magazine over many years, John has written for The Believer, The New Republic, The Paris Review Daily, Salon, and Wired, as well as The New York Times and other newspapers and magazines. In addition to writing numerous articles about books, the arts, and ideas, he has interviewed dozens of public figures, from Gene Simmons to Anita Hill to Jhumpa Lahiri.

Glassie's street photographs became the basis of a 2005 book, Bicycles Locked to Poles, published by McSweeney's, and the subject of an exhibition at Jen Bekman Gallery in New York. At certain odd times he has also exhibited paintings, constructions, and video. His writing and photographs have been included in several anthologies, including The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, 2011-2013 (PDR Press, 2014), New York: A Photographer's City (Rizzoli, 2011), Art of McSweeney's (Chronicle Books, 2010), and Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson (DeCapo press, 2009).

John teaches at the Pratt Institute and has given talks or participated on panels at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Columbia University, Loyola University in New Orleans, The New School, The CUNY Graduate Center, and The University of Iowa. He has also been a ghostwriter and speechwriter, and has worked with a number of media, policy, and cultural organizations as a consultant. He grew up near Washington, D.C., and went to The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He lives in Brooklyn.

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