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Lookout Mountain, Tennessee — related to a new project.

German edition of A Man of Misconceptions, published in fall of 2014 under the title Der Letzte Mann, Der Alles Wusste (The Last Man Who Knew Everything).

A piece adapted from the Kircher book is included in the anthology The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, 2011-2013.

I'm on Twitter as Athanasius Kircher.

A Man of Misconceptions has a Facebook page.

I also have a Tumblr page.

Participated in New York marathon reading of Moby-Dick, November 2012.

Brooklyn Museum: the “Connecting Cultures” exhibition.

My bike photos included in New York: A Photographer's City, published in March 2011 by Rizzoli.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn, March 2011.

My bike photos in The Art of McSweeney's, 2010. Watch the video.

Bad Santas, December 2010.

My bike photos at "Crank: The Bike as Art" at Select Design, in Burlington, Vermont, opening September 10, 2010.

from East River cameraphone project

more East River cameraphone

Bike photos on Andrew Sullivan's blog, Daily Dish, The Atlantic online. July 28, 2008.

Research trip, Geisa, Germany, September 2007.

Inkerman, near Sevastopol, Ukraine. October 2006.

Still image from a video I made called Sunday in the Country with Larry Rivers, which was included in Meditations in an Emergency, a group show inspired by Frank O’Hara’s poem of the same name, June 20 – August 4, 2006, at jen bekman, New York.

Skopje, Macedonia. November, 2005.

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria. November 2005

Photo of mine in The Pin-Up Show, sept 21 - oct 8, 2005, at jen bekman satellite space upstairs from Fanelli.

A 1970 Mercedes 250C coupe I bought off of eBay in August 2001. (A beautiful mistake.)